tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

33. Eko uber jno R

4017 timed by a built-in or external clock, 3 channels, 3-10 steps/channel of pulse output. Keys can be used to play drum sounds.

This drum machine/sequencer started life (maybe in the 70's) as an Italian electric organ, Eko Super Junior R. At some point the organ sounds had stopped working, but the drum sounds still worked so it seemed appropriate to make a sort of a drum machine out of it. Eko was adjusted to a proper drum machine shape with a saw, and excess keys were archived to Koelse dungeon. Scars of the surgery were covered with fake fur.
The sequencer can trigger drum&noise sounds from the original Eko pcb, and also external devices like the toy organ in the topmost picture.

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  1. Hello, would it be possible to know the points where to send the trigger signals in the drum board?