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3-8 Minikoelse

6. sequencers inside minikoelse:
Minikoelse has many functions it´s a sequencer, drum machine and synth all in one. The structure is modular and it has six different sequencers built in to it.
4017 based 5 to 8 step sequenser with two output channels. No AND-gateing in this one. There are two patchable and AND- gates in minikoelse to “shorten” the output pulses, or to add complexity to the sequence.
4017 based 10step sequencer with inputs for reset and inhibit functions and two output cannels (AND gated with the clock signal) reset and inhibit pins are patchable to modulate the sequence.
4052 based sequencer with cv output. Four steps of cv. It has three control inputs A, B (binary inputs of the 4052) and inhibit.
4052 sequencer selecting 3 toy drum sounds and one pulse output.
4051 sequenser selecting 8 traffic toy sounds.
4040 divider with 12 outputs also internally controlling 4522 divide by n counter with 2 outputs .

This project started from a Wilson Laboratories TX 1200 Tape Analyzer Harri found from fleemarket, whitch was taken apart and used as a case. IMG_4350.CR2

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