sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2011

11. Ammobox of APC

Ammobox project is one of those projects that allways keep coming back. It was started by me round 10 years ago. I was supposed to build a small modular synthesizer, but only got one astable multivibrator module made. IMG080.jpg Case was a bit overkill for single unit, thought it did look good live, like in this photo at Taidehalli La-bas 2003. taidehalli-labas723.jpg After that ammobox was forgotten to the shelf for couple of years, untill Daniel found it round 2007. He ditched the multivibrators and build Atari Punk Concoles. After that ammobox had 4017 controlling relays giving power to four Atari punk consoles with selectable capacitors. In this form it was used on numerous concerts, installations and recording sessions. At some point it did eventually break, and it was forgotton to the shelv again for couple of years. 2011-11-23-_MG_9550.jpg In 2011 Harri found it, repaired it, and desided to add external clock input, so now it is ready to be used in 101 sequencers project.

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